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Rapid Roper

the science of stretch wrap

Rapid Bander

superior containment

Rapid Bander and Rapid Roper secure your pallets with up to 3X the containment force of other films.

Rapid Bander

source reduction

Achieve greater containment with as much as 60% less film, and without the use of corner boards or strapping.

Rapid Bander

increased productivity

Applying less film and eliminating web breaks adds up to exponentially greater throughput; lighter rolls mean less strain on personnel.


Stretch wrap works by stretching the film and then applying it to the pallet – the elastic recovery of the film is relied upon to keep the load secure for transport and storage.

But traditional stretch wrap can only be stretched so far before web breaks and other problems occur.

This leaves a lot of room for secondary stretching during transport, as the film continues to stretch, allowing the load to shift and even slide off the pallet completely.

RAPID BANDER and RAPID ROPER sustainable load containment systems deliver stronger, more stable load by attaching a simple, patented add-on device to your current stretch wrap equipment and applying our proprietary RAPID FILM Ultra Strength Sustainable Containment Film, capable of achieving up to three times greater pre-stretch than traditional film. The result is less film used, less time to wrap a pallet, less wear and tear on your equipment, and up to 300% greater load containment.

And we do this with no capital investment to you!

Both RAPID BANDER and RAPID ROPER significantly reduce the economic and environmental costs per pallet compared with traditional stretch film. In fact, both systems have received Sustainable Packaging Coalition recognition for innovation.

Rapid Bander
Rapid Bander

The reinforced RAPID BANDER system makes web breaks and punctured film a thing on the past, even on the heaviest and most hard-to-wrap loads such as block, beverages, buckets and pails, and even fencing. What’s more, the system ties the load to the pallet to prevent loads sliding off the pallet during shipment.

The system is designed to give superior performance while greatly reducing the economic and environmental costs associated with protecting your shipments.

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Rapid Bander
Rapid Roper Plus

Rapid Roper Plus Next Generation Ventilated Load Containment System provides superior containment for fresh produce and other products requiring ventilation such as hot-fill applications.

The system eliminates the need for cornerboards and strapping, saving you time and money while significantly reducing waste.

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Rapid Bander
Rapid IQ

Are you getting the same performance from your film and equipment day after day? Are operators making changes to settings or number of wraps, that can affect film usage and cost? Is throughput being hindered by unknown factors?

Rapid IQ lets you monitor your usage, settings, cost per pallet wrapped and load containment with real-time data. Our web-based portal even allows you to monitor multiple systems throughout your organization from one location.

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Rapid Lab
Rapid Lab

Are you using the right amount of packaging – not too much, not too little? Our Advanced Technology Containment Lab takes the guesswork out of load containment.

Custom-engineered equipment tests your pallets under real-world conditions such as vibration, quick stops, and impacts, to identify the optimum film, containment standards, and wrap pattern to protect your product.

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Rapid Bander
Rapid Service

With highly trained and qualified Service Technicians located throughout the country, we delivery fast, dependable service for your packaging equipment.

We provide regular performance audits of your material and equipment to ensure settings and efficiencies remain optimized.

In addition, we offer complete preventative maintenance programs for all your packaging equipment, as well as 24/7 emergency service to keep you up and running.

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